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L’Europa che verrà

From Mr Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Mr Giuliano Amato and Mr Jean-Luc Dehaene.


Così si legge stamattina all’inizio di una lettera al Finalcial Times che vuol mettere qualche puntino sulle “i”.


«Sir, The media have a distinctive way of presenting news. If, tomorrow, European Union leaders emerge from their summit, with smiling faces, to pose for their “family photo”, having resigned themselves to a poor constitutional compromise, the headlines will declare: “Last-minute agreement in Brussels; Europe saved!”


If, however, it seems as though the leaders of many member states – large, medium-sized and small, representing a majority of the EU population – have committed themselves to a clear and balanced constitution, while other member states have made criticisms and deferred their agreement until later – as happened in America in 1787 – the headlines will be filled with drama: “Failure in Brussels; Europe increasingly divided!”


The reality is almost exactly the opposite.»


Ecco il link per leggere il seguito


[Judging if EU will have a worthy constitution or be condemned to muddle and compromise]





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