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Don’t Hurry, Be Happy

I know there are people coming across this weblog after visiting my Emerson website. Well, this is a special gift for all of them—and may I take the liberty to proclaim that this will be just the first of a hopefully long series. Enjoy it!






Mahesh Murthy (India) says:






All you have are your experiences. Why not make your mistakes, enjoy the ride, explore all your abilities and discover new ones?





…I consciously said I would forget about the ‘destinations’ and try enjoying the ‘journey’ instead. Out went targets and ambitions, in came simple things like enjoying every moment, seeing beautiful places, making room for serendipity and actually getting to know people. Some years later, my wife and I had a baby, and this belief only got further cemented. I was sure I wanted to be at home with him – and not go off tromping to work every day. (…)






Thanks to Random Thoughts




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