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Why left is not right

Why supporting the war in Iraq is a properly leftist position.A February 3 2004 interview with Christopher Hitchens (registration required). Norm says he has so far missed it. If he (and I) happened to miss it, you may have missed it.I hope you wouldn’t want to miss it now …





The leftist position is that co-existence with totalitarian dictatorship is undesirable and impossible. That’s the principle position. That is, or should be the left position. It used to be. (…)




The president, or some of his advisers, are right on the main point, which is “if you try and change our regime, we’ll change yours. We can do it and you can’t, and your people will be better off and ours wouldn’t have been.”





Hitchens is the author of several books, and his writings appear in Vanity Fair, Atlantic Monthly, Slate and the Washington Post. Thanks to Normblog.





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