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‘Is this the end of democracy?’

‘Is this the end of democracy?’

Yet another post on Rorty’€™s article. A reader writes to Norm:

I’m not suggesting that the French or Americans or English or even Russians would probably respond to a single atomic bomb in one of their cities with a thermonuclear retaliation (…), but if… there [were to be] repeated attacks like this, I would fear greatly for both the Muslim heartlands and the Islamic diaspora. Indeed, in the above scenario, I would not want to be a resident of some areas around the French cities.


This is why my major reason for supporting both the War on Terror and the Iraqi invasion is the whole, vexed, WMD thing. If the nihilist terrorists ever get their hands on a series of nuclear weapons, the effect on Western civilization may be more than the terrible loss of life in the blasts, more than the loss of a few rights and freedoms we have come to take for granted. It may well be the loss of civilization itself, for how could we call ourselves civilized if we reacted in this way, but how can we be sure, given the ways people have behaved towards each other throughout recorded history, that we would not.

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  1. 3 maggio, 2004 alle 10:13

    tornatata a leggere :-)…devo sempre rileggere un paio di volte per capire….e non e per l’inglese ;-p..Pero alla fine almeno so qualcosa in piu…per la mia cultura almeno. besito

  2. 3 maggio, 2004 alle 14:59

    Non credere che la stessa cosa non capiti anche a me almeno tre o quattro volte al giorno…

  3. 3 maggio, 2004 alle 23:24

    Wind ho letto il link del tuo post sull’islamismo. Molto interessante. Per quanto riguarda questo post, non è che il lettore dica cose tanto peregrine…Ti abbraccio. Alain

  4. 4 maggio, 2004 alle 14:18

    vecchi incubi, nuovi attori.

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