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Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Thanksgiving ad illustration Excerpts from a couple of American blogs I read:
I confess to not being as thankfull as I should be about my blessings at times ; however, I do realize that I am blessed to live in a country that grants me great freedom of a personal nature and I thank the people who made it possible. I have benefitted from their blood , sweat and sacrifice.  We should ( as Americans ) all be grateful to them and never forget them.  Finally , I thank God for His infinite mercy and his unending love.  I pray that you and your families may be blessed and have a happy Thanksgiving.  (shadowofdiogenes)

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that has a theme that is vaguely religious–giving thanks–but has no direct and specific religious affiliation. So it’s a holiday that unites. It’s one of the least commercial holidays as well, because it involves no presents. It’s a home-based holiday, which is good, too, except for those who don’t have relatives or friends to be with. One drawback is the terribly compressed travel time; I solve that by not usually traveling very far if I can possibly help it.

The main advantage to hosting the day is having the leftovers left over. The main disadvantage to hosting the day is having the leftovers left over.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, filled with friends and/or family of your choice, and just the right amount of leftovers! (neo-neocon)

  1. anonimo
    25 novembre, 2005 alle 12:10

    Chiedo scusa Wind,
    ma Tanksgiving non è quella festa con cui i padri puritani ringraziarono Iddio per avergli concesso di sterminare i primi Indiani?

  2. 25 novembre, 2005 alle 14:14

    Esattamente il contrario, la storia del Thanksgiving è una delle pagine più belle del buon rapporto che i primi americani ebbero con i nativi americani. Ora non ho tempo, ma basta fare una rapida ricerca con Google. Documentarsi non è mai una perdita di tempo.

  3. anonimo
    25 novembre, 2005 alle 17:54

    “The Pilgrims set ground at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. Their first winter was devastating. At the beginning of the following fall, they had lost 46 of the original 102 who sailed on the Mayflower. But the harvest of 1621 was a bountiful one. And the remaining colonists decided to celebrate with a feast — including 91 Indians who had helped the Pilgrims survive their first year.”


    “On June 20, 1676, the governing council of Charlestown, Massachusetts, held a meeting to determine how best to express thanks for the good fortune that had seen their community securely established. By unanimous vote they instructed Edward Rawson, the clerk, to proclaim June 29 as a day of thanksgiving. It is notable that this thanksgiving celebration probably did not include the Indians, as the celebration was meant partly to be in recognition of the colonists’ recent victory over the “heathen natives”.

    E questa è la versione di un sito pro-TG, eh…

  4. 25 novembre, 2005 alle 19:28

    Già si ragiona. Comunque, c’è anche questa cosa
    che David Gelernter, professore di Yale, ha scritto sul WSJ (November 25, 2004).

    Non posso “quotare” qui perché Splinder oggi non è d’accordo … quindi bisogna andare diretamente sul sito.

    Comunque, non pretendo che tu esca dall’anonimato–non sia mai, per carità!–ma almeno metti un link alle fonti che citi… che diamine!

  5. 26 novembre, 2005 alle 22:00

    splinder permettendo ti lascio un saluto. Alain

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