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Sri Lanka one year later

AGIItaly On Line report on Italian aid to Sri Lanka:
(AGI) – Rome, Dec. 26 – More than 50 million euro have already been invested in 42 projects, half a million euro put on one side for new initiatives or possible economic necessities for finishing works already under way. These are the figures for Italian aid to Sri Lanka, a country that lost 38 thousand people in the tsunami of 26 December last year. One year on a delegation from Civil Protection has returned to look over what is being done. The delegation is led by chief of Civil Protection, Guido Bertolaso, his deputy Vincenzo Spaziante. There are also Emma Bonino, Giuliano Amato and Andrea Monorchio, of the watchdog committee. Italians have raised 47 million euro (46,819,254 euro) to which have been added six million allocated by the Civil Protection department. There remain 535,117 euro still to be allocated. A total of 53.410 million euro is being used in 42 projects of which 25 are managed by NGO’s (who have a little under 20 million euro at their disposal), seven have been carried out by international and national bodies such as Fao and Banca Etica (which have been allocated eight million euro)) and ten are led by Civil Protection (which is managing 25 million euro). Of the 42 projects, 11 (14 pct) have already been concluded and concern, besides the equipping of camps and emergency centres and the supply of goods and basic necessities, the creation of permanent housing, the reconstruction of a hospital and the supply of equipment to resume fishing (the main activity of people hit by the tsunami). Particular attention has been given to education, which has been allocated almost 10 million euro that will help in the construction of 15 schools. "What’s important to underline – observed Bonino – is that we have already managed to create and conclude 11 projects very quickly and if one considers that it took around five months to get through the bureaucratic and administrative actions necessary in the countries where we are carrying out these projects." "The Italian people – he concluded – can consider themselves satisfied with the results achieved and above all of how their money has been spent. We hope that this successful operation can serve as an example in other future occasions of necessity."

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