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Democratiya 3

The latest issue of Democratiya (3, January-February 2006) is now up. Contents:
>Editor’s Page
>Extended Interview with Kanan Makiya, author of The Republic of Fear
>Norman Geras on Crimes Against Humanity, by Larry May
>John Lloyd on Old Europe, New Europe, Core Europe, by Daniel Levy, Max Pensky and John Torpey (eds)
>Thomas Cushman on Blood in the Sand: Imperial Fantasies, Right Wing Ambitions, and the   Erosion of American Democracy, by Stephen Eric Bronner
>Derek Catsam on Deadly Connections: States That Sponsor Terrorism, by Daniel Byman
>Michael Thompson on A Brief History of Neoliberalismby David Harvey
>Mike Brennan on Bad News from Israel, by Greg Philo and Mike Berry
>Sidney Hook, The Social Democratic Prospect      
>Letters (exchanges between Hartley and Hoare on the Armenian Genocide,
Neumann and Pike on Anti-Semitism, Appeal for Imprisoned Iranian trade
What is Democratiya?

Democratiya is a free bi-monthly online review of books. Our interests will range over war, peace, just war, and humanitarian interventionism; human rights, genocide, crimes against humanity and the responsibility to protect and rescue; the United Nations, international law and the doctrine of the international community; as well as democratisation, social and labour movements, ‘global civil society’, ‘global social democracy’, and Sennian development-as-freedom.
Democratiya aims to contribute to a renewal of the politics of democratic radicalism by providing a forum for serious analysis and debate. We will strive to be non-sectarian and ecumenical, and our pages are open to a wide range of political views, a commitment to pluralism reflected in our advisory editorial board.
Democratiya believes that in a radically changed world parts of the left have backed themselves into an incoherent and negativist ‘anti-imperialist’ corner, losing touch with long-held democratic, egalitarian and humane values.

(From the About Us page. Read the rest)

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