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'He just makes you feel better'

Have you ever had a lunch meeting with someone who “just makes you feel better?” Yes? Fine, well, it is not so much an abnormal event anyway, but could you describe that someone as “a person who radiates spirituality, talks about charity, compassion and forgiveness, and isn’t even running for anything?” Perhaps this is something more than your average experience …
As it was not enough, suppose he is a Tibetan monk, one who get up very, very early in the morning (usually at about 3:30!) and is in bed by 8 or 8:30—to tell the truth, according to him, perhaps Western people “would have more peaceful lives if they didn’t stay out so late, going to clubs and whatnot.”
Well, that is the kind of event Joel Achenbach recently experienced in Washington, at a lunchtime event at the Aspen Institute on Dupont Circle, namely where
the Dalai Lama came […] to talk about religion, science, the mysteries of the human mind and various other topics that are important to any holy man whose first name is "the."
  1. 24 gennaio, 2006 alle 23:37

    Don’t forget the silent “Ego te absolvo” of the world “peace warriors” about the Tibet slavery by China.
    They’re crying always for Baghdad and never for TIbet; they hate Guantanamo but they forget Grozny…

  2. 25 gennaio, 2006 alle 9:48

    Well said, Paolo. That is why I keep on writing about Tibet & the Dalai Lama.

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