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As Turin Games Kick Off

Stefania Belmondo
Associated Press:

A dazzled, cheering audience danced on their chairs in the winter cold Friday night and the opening ceremony of the Winter Games became one giant house party.

Ultimately it was Stefania Belmondo, a three-time gold medal winner in cross-country skiing, who touched the flame to a wire that ignited fireworks and lit the Olympic caldron.


Second only to the crowd’s reaction to was the roaring welcome given to the delegation from the United States.


Italian president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi declared the Games open, while International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge urged the athletes to "inspire and motivate the future generations".
"Athletes, you are role models. Please compete in a spirit of fair play, mutual understanding and respect, and above all please refuse doping," said Rogge.
"Our world today is in need of peace, tolerance and brotherhood and the values of the Olympic Games can deliver these to us.
"May the Games be held in peace and in the true spirit of the Olympic truce. Show us how sport unites by overcoming political, religious and language barriers and you will show us the world we all long for."


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  1. 11 febbraio, 2006 alle 7:41

    Hai visto che belle cerimonie? Io mi sono commossa ed ero fiera della mia città e dell’Italia! Siamo bravissimi!
    Ciao Wind!

  2. 11 febbraio, 2006 alle 13:47

    Sì, Lontana, è stata una bellissima cerimonia. Mi è piaciuta soprattutto l’accensione del braciere olimpico: un effetto fantastico, di grande classe e spettacolarità. Ciao

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