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'Out of a sense of responsibility'

So, as it was vastly predicted and invoked (both by the ruling center-right coalition and the opposition), he has resigned. This after a mob set the Italian Consulate of Benghazi, in northeast Libya, on fire … because of a T-shirt printed with a Danish cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed and worn by him himself, Roberto Calderoli, on an Italian television talk show February 14. Unfortunately—for him, for us, and, above all, for the eleven people who were killed by the Lybian police during the demonstration—Calderoli was not at the time an ordinary Italian citizen, or even a common Northern League militant, or a cartoonist, or a comic actor: he was, until a few hours ago, the Italian Reforms Minister. This is how Mr Calderoli explained his reasons for resigning:
“It has never been my intention to offend the Muslim religion or to be pretext to yesterday’s violence. I do not intend to allow the embarrassing exploitation against me and the Lega Nord even from members of the majority: it is for these reasons that I return my constitutional reform minister mandate to Berlusconi, out of a sense of responsibility and not because requested to do so by both the majority and the opposition."
“Out of a sense of responsibility,” he said. May be the same sense of responsibility that could have come in very useful that February 14, in front of some 2-3 million viewers.

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