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Even a Christian (Tony Blair, for instance)

May I for once unequivocally perpetrate a fraudulent conversion by making copy/paste of this post by Norm:
I’m not myself enthusiastic about actors in the political domain publicly making reference to their gods. A certain reserve about this in British politics, as compared with what I perceive from afar to be the more God-invoking ways of politicians in the US, has always struck me as welcome. Excuse me, all the same, if I don’t get excited over the tongue-wagging reaction to Tony Blair’s remarks on the Michael Parkinson programme. In a media culture just lately dripping with multi-cultural understanding for religious sensibilities offended by portrayals of the Prophet Muhammad, it shouldn’t be too big a stretch to take things calmly when a Christian alludes to his beliefs as well – Prime Minister or whoever. If it’s multi, then that’s what it is. Perhaps no one should, but everybody may.

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