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Why the Left has lost its way

A seminar was held in Rome last week (on May 31) to discuss the reasons why the Left has forgotten its own principles. The speakers at the seminar were Paul Berman, Christopher Hitchens, John Lloyd, Piero Fassino (general secretary of the Democrats of the Left), and Adriano Sofri (former leader of the far Left Lotta Continua).
Organized by the Italian daily newspaper Il Foglio, whose director Giuliano Ferrara—“the closest thing Italy has to a neoconservative,” as John Lloyd (Editor of the New Statesman and a writer for the Financial Times) puts it—introduced the seminar, the event was occasioned by the publication of Cambiare Regime: la sinistra e gli ultimi 45 dittatori (Regime Change: the left and the last 45 dictators), a book by Christian Rocca, the US correspondent of Il Foglio.
The account of the seminar given by a special correspondent for normblog—final comment included—is a good read for all those wishing to learn more about it.

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