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The new Bank of Italy

In a speech at the presentation at
Rome‘s city hall of Elena Polidori‘s book, Via Nazionale. Splendori e Miserie della Banca d’Italia, Italian Interior Minister Giuliano Amato said that


[t]he Bank of Italy has experienced its worst period, now with Mario Draghi it is recovering its prestige but it will not be as it used to be, it cannot be a sacred institution anymore, we need secularisation. Italy no longer needs a sacred institution, but a serious and reliable central bank that will efficiently carry out its institutional duties, led by a governor, not a saint.”


With regard to former Governor Antonio Fazio, and reminding that “Draghi’s predecessor talked a lot,” he added:


“Alan Greenspan once said to me: ‘Why do you speak so much? I only speak once a year before Congress.’" (Source: AGI-Italy On Line)

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