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'How can the British become more like the Italians?'

L'esultanza di Pirlo dopo l'assit a Grosso per il primo gol (Ap)After the winning match against Germany of our national team at the Tuesday’s semi-final of the Worldcup Soccer 2006 tournament, it seems that it is time for the Brits to update some of their clichés on Italy and Italians:
England may still love long balls and the commentators mention the war, but the Italians no longer play catenaccio. What kind of crazy tournament is this?
[Read the full story to learn more about the dilemma]
Not only more civilised, but more conducive to perfection. Take Italian footballers: they’ve proved themselves rather a superior breed to the English lot, this World Cup. Totti, Toni, et al have showed that the Italian way produces muscles, nerve and hair as well-conditioned as Ginola’s.
[…] Italians are healthier. An Italian man can expect to stay healthy 10 years longer than his British counterpart, according to a Leicester University study just published. The difference between an Italian woman and a British one is 14 years of health.
So how can the British become more like the Italians?
[Read the rest to learn the answer]

  1. 8 luglio, 2006 alle 18:25

    Italians have the subtleties of life down to an art and science. Just like soccer. Unfortunately, it goes above the head of some, if not many. Then suddenly, years later the people who looked consdescendingly down on Italy realize they are really behind and begin catch up.

  2. 8 luglio, 2006 alle 18:30

    As for the Guardian article, I have been ardently commenting about this angle on my own blog with an article called ‘Perceptions of Italian soccer no longer tenable.’

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